Lifestyling vs designing

I'm in Tucson attending the annual Manufactured Housing Institute Meeting. It's truly exciting to hear about all of the opportunities that are in front of this industry, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it.

One of the best things about attending something like this is meeting new people and hearing about their life experiences. Tonight I met someone who used to have a potbelly pig, and we also discussed what we did as a career. When I explained that I was a Lifestylist he said what I do as a Lifestylist is the same as what a designer does. The night before I had dinner with two of Tucson's best Sales Managers, and the conversation that they had was how differently a Lifestylist merchandises their homes compared to a regular designer.

The difference between the two evenings is who had worked with a Lifestylist and who had not. Lana Howard and the team at Canoa Homes are the best! I loved visiting their communities while I was here and seeing their homes. Their new models at Sycamore Canyon had been merchandised by a Lifestylist and it showed - each of the three models had unique personalities, and appealed to a different buyer.

Why a Lifestylist over a Designer? The goal of a designer is to sell furniture, the goal of a Lifestylist is to sell homes. It truly can be that simple!


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